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Each person is treated for their skin needs

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214 Belgrave Hallam Road, Narre Warren North 3804  - 0422 245 449

Facial Treatments

Based in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, L.A Skin and Beauty offers a wide range of facial treatments. Contact us!

Essential Facial Treatments

L.A Skin and Beauty offers a wide variety of essential facial treatments to make sure each client's specific needs can be met.


Dermaviduals uses only the purest ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals, preservatives, fragrances or emulsifiers to repair the skin’s defence system and enable it to function properly.

All skin facials are offered alongside a skin analysis to identify the reason behind the malfunctioning cells, which is then used to customise your treatment with the right supplements to restore cellular function for brighter, healthier skin.

With different packages to choose from, our facial skin treatments include:

  • Mini facial

  • Essential face and decolletage

  • Clear skin facial

  • Lightening facial

  • Rejuvenating facial

  • Calm facial

  • Signature facial

Get in touch to discuss your needs!

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A variety of facial treatments to suit specific needs

We protect your skin barrier with active nutrients


Looking for a facial treatment?

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